Joe Scarborough Gives Warning About Trump’s Potential Cabinet

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One of the only hosts on MSNBC to defend President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign was former Congressman Joe Scarborough who regularly fought with his contemporaries to sing Trump’s praises. However, during the midway point of the campaign Scarborough began to defend from Trump when more of Trump’s sexual scandals came to light, and he and Trump had a public feud trading barbs in the media. In the end, though, Scarborough stayed true to his Republican roots. Now, he finds himself the victim of his own rhetoric.

Friday afternoon Scarborough started to acknowledge that Trump’s appointments to top government positions are going to be a problem for the American people, as thus far Trump has been selecting nothing but extremists:

If you’re going to get a couple loyalists that have said some crackpot things in the past, you better have some steady hands at state, at defense, and at treasury or this goes into a full-blown meltdown. And listen to them or this goes into a full blown meltdown a bad as Bill Clinton’s in 1993 when he took office.

Scarborough only has himself, and those like him, to blame. He helped Trump win the presidency by beating the drum in his favor for months on one of the most watched television shows in the world. Now that Trump has done exactly what he promised to do, Scarborough seems genuinely surprised.

Watch the full segment below:


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