BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Gets A GIANT Dose Of Karma – Gets TERRIBLE News About Her Business

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Now that Donald Trump has won the presidency and will be the 45th President of the United States he must now deal with the damage he caused the business interests which bear his name. Trump alienated millions of Americans in his quest to capture the Oval Office, so much so that his hotel brand decided they would no longer use the Trump name on any new buildings which they erect and instead are using the ambiguous name “Scion.” Furthermore, Trump’s hateful rhetoric has impacted the business interests of his children, including his Daughter Ivanka Trump.

The website made the decision to remove all of Ivanka Trump’s products from their website. This was mostly due to the fact that nobody was buying the products, because very few Americans wish to buy anything associated with Trump’s name. The removal was long in the making as a boycott has been in place for months, to which Ivanka responded that her products actually were used in part as “advocacy for women.” She further asserted that “tens of millions of American women” had already purchased her products.

Well, if that was the actual case then why would remove her products? It appears Ivanka Trump has been caught in a lie of her own making, to which she has little recourse to refute other than claim victimhood. Trump said on Good Morning America, “People who are seeking to politicize it because they may disagree with the politics of my father, there‚Äôs nothing I can do to change that.”

There is plenty she could do, and she chooses to stay silent. That is why she is being boycotted.

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