BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Just EXPLODED At Heckler At Florida Rally – And It Was PERFECT! [WATCH HERE]

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Hillary Clinton is done with Donald Trump’s violent and disgusting hecklers, and today, she let one have it.

At Clinton’s rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a Trump heckler shouted “Bill Clinton is a rapist”. Now, this is something conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is PAYING people to do.

Usually, Clinton would play it off, act cool, and ignore it. Normally she would disregard…and allow her audience to drown the heckler out until somebody removed him. But not today. Clinton showed that she would not just take it anymore. She allowed her anger to flow, and let it rip.

Hillary then shouted, “I love this country. I think we are already are great. Now I think we can be greater. And you know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump.”

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