BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Received DEVASTATING News – Trump Family Is FURIOUS! [DETAILS]

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Individuals who support the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump typically say they like him because he “speaks his mind” which is code for they approve of his overt racism, and because of his history as a businessman. The only problem with that concept is Trump isn’t particularly successful in business — his father was. Without the inheritance from the departed Fred Trump it is likely Trump would have never accomplished anything — and it has been proved that if Donald had taken Fred’s money and invested it in the stock market and never touched it he would be worth substantially more than he is today.

Therefore it is no surprise to learn that a hotel with Trump’s name, the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, is going belly up and is officially in banktrupcy. A Canadian judge placed the building into receivership, and it is soon to be auctioned off — only four years after Trump was there for the grand opening.

Trump does not own the building, but he did license his name to the project and was paid millions of dollars to do so. All of the responsibility cannot be placed on Trump’s shoulders, but certainly a hefty portion can be. Canadian government is notably more progressive than that of its American neighbor, and Trump’s brand has been losing customers and revenue due to Trump’s brand of despicable politics. In fact Trump’s corporation announced any new projects would no longer carry the Trump name, but rather the name “Scion” due to how few people want to do business with Trump.

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