BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Received DEVASTATING News About His Future Administration

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Now that Donald Trump has done the impossible and is the president-elect of the United States of America, he must begin the actual job of governing the nation. To do that he must find hundreds of individuals to fill leadership positions within his cabinet, and inside the government. Trump’s pillar of his campaign has been foreign policy, and it appears he is having difficulty locating anyone who is interested in working with him as their boss. Most of the top-tier talent in the foreign policy world have declined to work with Trump, which has placed him into a bind. Is he going to hire lesser known individuals and place America’s security at risk, or will he attempt to placate those who he needs for his presidency to be successful?

Inside Trump’s team there is panic that he will not be able to fill these positions. One individual on the inside of Team Trump said, “It was going to be very difficult to fill positions in that space because everybody that had experience was a never-Trumper.” The same individual, who spoke on a condition of anonymity due to Trump’s penchant for outrage if someone speaks to the media to disclose anything which makes him appear weak, went on to say she “wasn’t even sure that she was going to be able to fill a transition team.”

Trump is not interested in hiring those who said they would not work with him before he was elected, according to Paul Rosenzweig who used to work for President George W. Bush in the Homeland Security Department. He said, ““Everybody who has signed a never-Trump letter or indicated an anti-Trump attitude is not going to get a job. And that’s most of the Republican foreign policy, national security, intelligence, homeland security, and Department of Justice experience.”

It seems the pickings will be slim for Trump, and now he must do what he can to pull the American people back together. It is now his duty to protect them.

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