BREAKING: Democrats Begin Investigation Into Trump’s Taxes – WHAT WILL THEY FIND? [DETAILS]

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The resistance against Donald Trump’s impending presidency has begun. Democratic members of congress are bringing the fight to Trump and burning their Republican colleagues in the process. While Trump has dealt with a variety of scandals during his campaign, he is now the president-elect and the stakes and rules have changed considerably. Trump will now be the most watched man on the planet, and with his various faults, it will not be difficult for Democrats to make a case against him. The first of what are perceived to be many volleys against Trump are Democrat’s demands that Trump releases his taxes. Those IRS investigations won’t last forever, now will they?

Democrats in the House Oversight Committee wrote a letter to the Republican chairman, Jason Chaffetz, demanding he begin an investigation into Trump. In part the letter said:

Since Ranking Member Cummings sent his letter, Americans across the country have flooded our Committee’s offices with thousands of calls in strong support of this investigation, jamming our phone lines with more calls than we have ever received in response to any other issue. At the same time, during this two-week period, troubling new revelations about Mr. Trump’s actions – as well as those of his family members and business associates – have made the need for robust congressional oversight even more urgent. For these reasons, we are now all writing to you in support of Ranking Member Cummings’ request, and we ask that the Oversight Committee begin its work as soon as possible.

The Republican party pledged with pure lipservice that they would hold either winner of the election to the same standard, but that is clearly not the case as is evidenced by their silence on Trump’s various nefarious efforts.

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