BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Is DONE Being Nice, ATTACKS Donald Trump – And It Is GLORIOUS!

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Score one for Chelsea Clinton!

The brutal campaign for the presidency of the United States is coming to a close, and the rhetoric employed by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is unlike anything ever observed by a candidate seeking the highest office in the land in American history. Trump’s attacks on women, not for their positions, but for their appearance, shows how lowly his candidacy truly is and how little he actually has to offer the American people in terms of legislative change. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton takes the attacks by Trump in stride, but that has not stopped Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, from taking to the stage to decry how despicable Trump truly is.

During a speech in Carlisle, Pennsylvania Chelsea Clinton took Donald Trump out to the woodshed for saying her mother does not have a “presidential look”, whatever that means. Clinton responded:

I hope that everyone can see that as the sad, misogynistic, sexist rhetoric that I hoped we had moved beyond in the 21st century, certainly in 2016.

The despicable nature of Trump is what draws many of his supporters to him, which is truly terrifying. There is little that can be said to dissuade these individuals, as they see Trump’s misogyny not as a liability, but as something to be striven towards. Therefore, actual discussion of policy is lost of these individuals. Chelsea Clinton knows this and pointed it out as fact:

Look at what the different candidates have actually said. I think my mom is really the only candidate to have a proposal on all of those issues.

Watch Chelsea Clinton’s full speech below:

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