BREAKING: California Wants To Secede From The U.S. – And Because Of THIS – They Might Succeed [DETAILS]

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With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, the nation is more divided than ever. Trump did not win the popular vote, and in fact lost to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by over 2 million votes. However, in terms of area, Trump dominated Clinton by capturing more than 75% of the country’s actual land mass even though most of it was sparsely populated. The area which most sharply rebuked Trump was the Western coast of the United States in California where Hillary Clinton defeated trump by 2 to 1. It is almost as if California, the nation’s richest state, is a country all on its own according to professor Robert Reich.

California has the highest taxes in the United States and taxes the wealthy at the highest rate as well. The state also provides healthcare to 12 million of its poorest citizens. Robert Reich elaborates:

At the other end is California, with among the nation’s highest taxes, especially on the wealthy; toughest regulations, particularly when it comes to the environment; most ambitious healthcare system, that insures more than 12 million poor Californians, in partnership with Medicaid; and high wages.

So according to conservative doctrine, Kansas and Texas ought to be booming, and California ought to be in the pits.

Actually, it’s just the opposite.

For several years, Kansas’s rate of economic growth has been the worst in the nation. Last year its economy actually shrank.

Despite these discrepancies, California has the highest economic growth in the nation. Now that Trump is going to be the president the nation wonders what will happen next. If things continue as they are presently, California may move to break free and form its own sovereign state. In many respects they would be better off for doing so.

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