BREAKING: Anderson Cooper Just DESTROYED Kellyanne Conway On LIVE TV – This Was BRUTAL [WATCH HERE]

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Anderson Cooper just had Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on his show, Anderson Cooper 360, and it was a 13 minute long bloodbath. Cooper simply wouldn’t let her get away with any of her normal spin or lies.

Cooper asked Conway why Donald Trump was speculating that the “mother lode” would be found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, and that this would be the end of Clinton. Conway did some spinning, but Cooper wouldn’t let her off. At one point, he actually busts out laughing at Conway, when she OBVIOUSLY refuses to answer questions honestly.

From Mediaite:

Cooper started things off on Sunday by challenging Kellyanne Conway over how Trump hailed Comey’s original letter as the death knell for Clinton, only for the FBI director to say his review has changed nothing about his first decision on the matter. As Conway attempted to argue back, Cooper wondered if the campaign would go back to bashing Comey after praising him over the last several days.

Cooper got snippy when Conway wouldn’t answer his questions, and he called her out about how Comey said it was “irresponsible” for Trump to speculate about the investigation as much as he has:

“If everybody jumped off a bridge, doesn’t mean you should, too. Don’t you think it is irresponsible?”

After Conway smacked the Clinton campaign for their fully-negative anti-Trump message, Cooper asked her whether her campaign would do anything different by no longer presuming that Clinton will face an imminent criminal indictment.

Yes, this is 13 minutes long…but it is worth watching.

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