BREAKING: AMAZING Unexpected Change Of Events – Hillary Could Still Win Presidency! [DETAILS]

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The pulses of Americans who voted against now president-elect Donald Trump are racing in anticipation of his now inevitable rise to the Oval Office. Many are still in shock that the American people were foolish to elect a man with no political experience to the most powerful office in the world, and now they are looking for a way to stop Trump’s rise. One avenue, while unusual, has been opened and the possibilities, no matter how slim the chances, should be explored.

Trump won the election, but he is not yet officially the president as two steps still have to happen. First the electoral college must come together and cast their final ballots for who they wish to be president. That vote will happen in mid-December. The electoral college is not required by law to vote for any candidate, but it has been over 100 years since any member of the college voted in a different direction than they were supposed to.

To help along this process there is a petition on which asks for members of the electoral college to do their duty to protect the country and not vote for Trump. The petition is not a legal document, nor binding in any way. However, it does show those who are voting how few Americans actually want to see Trump in such a position of power. As of right now it is the last recourse for the doomed.

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