BOMBSHELL ABC/WaPo Poll Just Released – Is It Time To Get Worried?

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Bring on the TUMS.

A new national poll has Hillary Clinton 1 percentage point behind Donald Trump following the FBI’s announcement that new emails surfaced in an investigation of her private email server.

Enthusiasm for Clinton has decreased slightly, according to the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll.


This is the first time Clinton has been behind Trump nationally since May. The new poll shows 46% of likely voters surveyed in support of Trump, with 45% behind Clinton.

According to ABC News, for illustrative purposes, the division between the two candidates is only 0.7 of a percentage point. Behind the two major-party candidates, Gary Johnson comes in at 3%, a new low for the Libertarian candidate. Jill Stein remains last at 2% support. Notably, the percentage difference between Trump and Clinton is within the poll’s margin of error.


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