World Leaders Convening Over Trump Presidency – Countries Are Concerned About NATO

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Now that Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States the leaders of other nations are wondering how they will deal with their new unpredictable counterpart. There was recently a gathering of world leaders and naturally Trump was one of the main topics of discussion.

The Halifax International Security Conference is the location where these talks took place and world leaders expressed and exchanged their worries about the Trump, who was the topic of nearly every discussion. Democratic Congressman Chris Coons said, “There’s a whole series of threats to our stability. What the election of Donald Trump will mean for that stability is of course the newly-emergent central topic of every discussion.”

The conference was partly sponsored by NATO, of which said numerous times while he was on the campaign trail that he would look to distance the United States from NATO despite their alliance of nearly 70 years. Trump said, “I think NATO may be obsolete.”

Sen. John McCain said of the conference’s attendees:

From my conversations with them, they’re very nervous. There have been mixed messages, obviously, and they’re continuing to get enormous pressure from Putin and the Russian propaganda machine. We don’t really know exactly what President Trump will do. Some of it depends on who his selection for Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense are.

Hillary Clinton’s former running mate, Time Kaine, was also in attendance. He was there to win an award and he used humor to present levity to the situation:

A few years ago I went to a fortune teller, and she told me I was going to win something very big in November of 2016.

After Kaine broke the ice he went on to say, “With the ceasefire arrangement in Colombia, in the civil war between Colombia and the FARC, the two continents without war for the first time in recorded history.”

The world will merely have to wait and see how Donald Trump behaves when he is sitting in the Oval Office as the most powerful man in the world. He may not enact any of his policies which he promised on the campaign trail, or he may enact all of them to a severity much worse than is presently being feared. The stability of the world is at stake, and Trump has proved himself to be a loose cannon. There is no predicting exactly what he will do or how he will reaction to situations, as he has no actual experience in these matters and therefore it cannot be gauged. All that can be done is to judge Trump by his actions once he is in office.

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