Trump’s Plan To Dismantle Obamacare Is Causing Great Concern Amongst Healthcare Providers

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During the presidential election between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and now President-elect Donald Trump, there were many promises made by Trump including to completely repeal and dismantle The Affordable Care Act. Now that Trump has won he is walking back his plans and says he is open to keeping various provisions of the law, including letting adults under 26-years-old stay on their parent’s insurance if they are in college. However, even if Trump does move to no longer make Obamacare the law of the land there a consensus of Doctors and CEOs of hospitals and insurance policies who believe it is a long term mistake and will impune the health of millions of Americans.

Modern Healthcare recently surveyed numerous insurance CEOs who were not confident in Trump’s ability to manage the nation’s health care needs and say he will be unable to bring the uninsured rate to less than 9 percent. Less insured individuals means less money for insurance companies, and Trump’s plans may well impact their bottom line. Furthermore, another survey was conducted that found 86% of medical professionals were only in favor of repealing The Affordable Care Act if Trump could offer a plan which cut costs and helped to insure more Americans. At this time Trump has not offered anything in terms of how he would accomplish this gargantuan task.

The CEO of Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Jim Hinton, told Modern Healthcare that the idea of making insurance plans more expensive does not work, and that before The Affordable Care Act his company attempted to this with disastrous results:

We’ve floated those deductibles so high that for the average person, it is no longer insurance. That pushes the burden onto hospitals or physicians to collect what people might not have.

The reality is Trump may do nothing to The Affordable Care Act, which will greatly enrage his supporters. However, at this time, there is the only option as he has put nothing else on the table which could have a tangible impact to accomplish his campaign promises.

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