ALERT: Trump Supporter EXPLODES Into Racist Tirade At Michael’s – AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY [WATCH HERE]

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Low and behold to the shock and amazement of all who have been paying attention a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, who will take power in a little over a month, was caught on camera saying racist things about black people for the awful offense of asking them to purchase a $1 reusable shopping bag. Since Trump believes global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese, his supporters are certainly not interested in using bags which could help the environment and find it outright offensive when asked to participate in such an activity of their own free will.

During a shopping expedition in Michael’s in Chicago, the unidentified female began shouting, “I voted for Trump! So there. You want to kick me out for that? And look who won.” Such a classy individual, but her grace knew no bounds and she continued her tirade when she realized she was being recorded on video:

I don’t know what you think you’re videoing lady. I was just discriminated against by two black women,and you being a white woman, you’re literally thinking that that’s okay? You standing there with your baby thinking that’s okay why don’t you go home to your husband who’s cheating on you?

No wonder she voted for Trump? This exhibited behavior is exactly the type of vile mouth diarrhea we’ve come to expect from those who believe a serial rapist is fit to be the 45th President of the United States. While she was upset about being “discriminated” against, she will likely say simultaneously that this video shows her in an unfair light because the country has become too politically correct. Right. Actually, the country is full of too many buffoons like her.

Watch the incident below:

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