ALERT: TMZ Produced A Hollywood-Style Special On “President” Trump – Get An Intimate Walk Through Of Trump’s Penthouse!

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Always the flashy one who loves attention, Donald Trump is allowing Fox News and TMZ’s Harvey Levin to come into his home and give the American people a walk-through of his tacky gold-plated Trump Tower penthouse.

The one-hour primetime special titled “OBJECTified: Donald Trump,” will premiere on November 18. It will feature an interview with Trump “as he showcases the objects in his home and offers the stories behind each memento.”

We are looking forward to hearing what Donald Trump has to say about his objects, particularly the copy of Hitler’s My New Order that he allegedly used to keep in a cabinet by his bed.

From the Fox News Press Release:

The special will feature a side of President-elect Donald Trump that has rarely been seen before. During the interview, which was conducted on September 15, 2016, Trump recounts the stories behind photos, letters, trophies and other cherished keepsakes he’s acquired throughout his lifetime. President-elect Trump also explains how each object holds a special significance and how they have influenced his life. The interview will trace Trump’s life from a three year old boy living in Queens, to a family tragedy that still resonates with him, an unfulfilled dream of becoming a Hollywood movie mogul, and the decades old advice from a former President that planted the seeds for his presidential campaign.

Will you be watching?

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