ALERT: Leading REPUBLICAN Shows Similarities Between Trump And Hitler – THIS IS SHOCKING

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The rise of President-elect Donald Trump is similar to the rise of German dictator and mass murderer Adolf Hitler in many ways. Hitler demonized a religious group which he blamed all of Germany’s ills upon. Trump, similarly, has blamed Muslims for America’s foreign policy blunders, and Hispanics for America’s economic woes. Data proves both of these assertions flatly incorrect. Yet, there are other similarities as well.

The Nazi party came to power in Germany with only 33% of the vote. Trump captured a larger percentage, but it was by no means a majority. There was never a plurality of voters who supported either. Hitler, like Trump, was fabulously wealthy before he ever sat in elected office. Hitler, like Trump, refused to accept payment for his services. Trump recently stated he was not going to accept the presidential salary of $400,000 a year, and rather would take $1 in lieu of full payment. This then led reporters to ask Trump about his tax returns, and if refusing to accept the salary was an excuse to not release his tax returns. This incensed Trump who replied:

Nobody cares. The only one who cares is, you know, you and a few people that asked that question. Obviously, the public didn’t care because I won the election very easily. So they don’t care. I never thought they did care.

History is repeating before the nation’s very eyes, and now that the election is over there is nothing to be done that will prevent Trump from continuing to use Hitler’s playbook.

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