ALERT: Keith Olbermann DESTROYS Donald Trump On Twitter – THIS IS AMAZING! [TWEETS]

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A political commentator who has been sorely missed from the Internet is Keith Olbermann who so viciously shredded politicians on both sides of the aisle, but then left the arena for several years due contractual disputes and managerial infighting. Olbermann has gloriously returned and just in time to completely destroy President-elect Trump’s infantile behavior. At issue presently is Trump’s grumbling about voting recounts taking place in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin where numerous irregularities have prompted the action.

Olbermann complete disemboweled Trump on Twitter with a flury of vicious Tweets that are to leave crying like the baby he is.

The famed television commentator continued to crush Trump:

Reality reared its ugly head when Olbermann rightly pointed out Trump was babbling from both sides of his mouth. He had never been asked to not seek a recount. Besides that, there is plenty of evidence to justify a recount as that is what the American people deserve:

The bruality continued:

Olbermann concluded his barrage with some free advice, that Trump needs to dump his top adviser Kellyanne Conway:

Trump listens to nobody but himself, so Olbermann’s words will likely fall upon deaf ears. However, it is great to watch Trump get some of the indignation thrown at him which he so rightly deserves.

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