ALERT: Jewish Actress Is BRUTALLY Attacked Online By Trump Supporters, Tell Her To “Go To Gas Chamber” [TWEETS]

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The chickens have come home to roost after Donald Trump shocked the world by defeating Hillary Clinton to become the President-elect of the United States. Soon Trump will take the oath of office to officially become the 45th president, and he will do so on the coat tails of hateful rhetoric which his supporters cheered during the entire electoral process. There have been numerous accounts of actual violence being perpetuated on innocent minorities. Furthermore, hateful rhetoric against minorities online has been equally as disgusting. In one case a Golden Globe nominated actress, Emmy Rossum, was such a victim but she refused to stay silent about the treatment which she received on Twitter.





Rossum then decided to out one of her harassers, and shared with the world the type of vileness to which she had been subjected:


She chose to be brave, and to stand against the individuals seeking to harm her mental well being. Those who participate in this type of online activity are baseless cowards, who at their core, are unhappy with themselves and seek to make any person which they can miserable as well. Rossum was not taking the bait:


It seems that hate, once again, failed to complete its objective. If anything this example shows that fear will never win.

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