What You Need To Know About Jared Kushner, The Man Behind Donald Trump

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President-elect Donald Trump has no political experience and expecting him to act as a politician is something which the media and American people will come to accept. In this same vein of thinking it appears Trump is slated to place his daughter Ivanka’s husband, billionaire Jared Kushner, in a powerful position inside his administration.

Kushner is an influential businessman with a portfolio similar to Trump; he owns numerous apartment buildings as well as commercial properties in New Jersey. Kushner and Trump surrogate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have clashed for years, and it is speculated that Kushner is the driving force behind Christie being removed as Trump;s transition team leader.

If Trump would put Kushner in a position of prominence it would likely spark a flurry of outrage amongst individuals who do not trust Trump’s intentions. President Obama’s former chief ethics lawyer, Norm Eisen, said of the possible scenario:

He cannot take a take a job in the White House. Highly inappropriate … I don’t know why they think they can.

There is, however, legal precedent for a president to appoint family members. Before his assassination President Kennedy appointed his brother Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General of the United States.

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