JUST IN: WikiLeaks Caught In HUGE LIE About Clinton – Hillary Gets The Last Laugh!

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The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been marred with fake scandals since its inception, which has been imperiled in no small part by the hacker group WikiLeaks, headed by Julian Assange who is wanted for questioning in connection with a sexual assault. Assange has been hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy for several years. While espousing transparency, it seems that WikiLeaks does not live up to their own standards as was evidenced by Tweets being removed from their social media feed. Apparently they thought nobody would notice, but on the Internet nothing can truly be erased once it has been presented for public consumption.

The official WikiLeaks Twitter account accused the Hillary Clinton campaign of deleting tweets, right before they deleted the following Tweet:


WikiLeaks thought they had exposed some grand hypocrisy. However, the reality is much simpler. The director of Clinton’s campaign, Robby Mook, opened an account on Twitter in 2015, which he never used. However, Mook decided to use the account randomly by retweeting a welcome message. WikiLeaks took his singular Tweet to mean that he had deleted everything else from his account, but the fact is it was his first Tweet.

This was pointed out by an anti-Trump journalist, of all people, who let WikiLeaks know they were in the wrong:

Is there anything more juicy than the self-professed organization of transparency deleting false accusations? How about a retraction, or a Tweet saying they acted in haste? Would that not be the honorable course to take? And who would have even really cared if they made a mistake? Owning up to one’s follies is what should have happened, but instead WikiLeaks attempted to take the easy way out and now they are paying the price on social media in the form of ridicule. They deserve it.

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