Watch two Donald Trumps making out with each other in NYC

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One of the great things about American society is the individual’s right to the freedom of expression and political protest. Creative individuals have thought up numerous ways to speak out about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s candidacy, but this one might just be the best of all.

In the middle of New York City’s Union Square Park citizens of America’s most populous city were treated to the sight of two Donald Trumps locking lips in an aggressive game of tonsil hockey. Not only were the two Trump sharing moments of unbridled passion, they also held hands, caressed one another lovingly, and even spanked the backsides of one another

The scene is the brainchild of Timothy Goodman, who is the founder of the “I’m With Her Because He’s Crazy” initiative. Goodman said of the two Trumps:

Trump doesn’t love America, he loves himself. So with that idea we wanted to get two Trump lookalikes to go on the streets and do this kissing performance.

I’m With Her Because He’s Crazy’s platform is straightforward. Their website in party says:

Trump is crazy. And racist. And xenophobic. And misogynistic. And homophobic. You may not love every thing about Hillary, but we’re all in trouble if we don’t vote for her. Please register to vote!

A video exists of the two Trumps engaged in what can only be described as something of the worst nightmares imaginable. A video is available for viewing of only the bravest readers.

You’ve been warned:

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