WATCH: Trump’s Lawyer Says Trump Couldn’t Have Assaulted His Accusers “They Were All TOO UGLY” (VIDEO)

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When one believes the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could sink no lower they go forward to surprise everyone by continuing to fall to levels lower than previously believed possible. A surrogate of the failed businessman made their rounds on cable news to attempt to defend the indefensible about Trump’s bragging that he sexually assaulted women without any legal consequences to himself due to his fame and wealth.

Michael Cohen appeared on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer who grilled Cohen on Trump’s statements that he could not have possibly attempted to assault the various women in question because he did not find them attractive enough to do so! Cohen doubled down on his boss’s idiotic remarks and said:

Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Some people may think they are beautiful, others do not. I don’t think it’s relevant to the conversation at all.

Blitzer appeared shocked by Cohen’s willingness to repeat Trump’s bile and studdered out, “He’s the one who said they…”take a look at them” or whatever he said. He was suggesting they weren’t attractive enough for him to make such a move.”

Indeed, Cohen replied:

I think what Mr. Trump was really trying to say was they’re not…they’re not someone that he would be attracted to and therefore the whole thing is nonsense.

The entire scene was that out of a sexist horror movie, and the public should quiver in fear at the thought of Trump being elected to the Oval Office, while having individuals like Michael Cohen at the helm of his legal strategist team. If this is how they behave before they have any power, one should let their imagination run wild as to what would transpire after they gained the greatest power in the world.

Watch below if you can stomach to do so:

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