Trump’s VP lied through his teeth at debate and here’s the PROOF

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The debate between Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence was one of the most watched vice presidential debates in American history. There have been various opinions about who “won” the evening, with the consensus seemingly split. Some commentators say Kaine dominated Pence with factual analysis, while Pence took the glory with his smooth and calm demeanour. These opinions come from both left and right news sources, and the analysis has been anything but partisan. What is not up for debate about the debate, however, is who told the truth with a higher frequency.

Politifact analysed the debate’s content and found that Kaine told the truth far more than Mike Pence, which is to be expected from a scumbag Republican. In fact Politifact rated 19 of Kaine’s comments and found 15 of them to be true, for nearly 80% accuracy. Conversley 13 of Pence’s comments were rated and only 4 of them were found to be true for a startlingly abysmal 30%.

The biggest lie Pence told on the debate stage was that Donald Trump didn’t lead the “birther” movement which accused President Barack Obama of not being an American citizen. Kaine said, “Trump has pursued the discredited and really outrageous lie that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States.” Pence said this was simply untrue, but any person who has followed along with politics for the last few years knows what the reality is. However, facts seem to not matter to Americans who prefer to hear what they want. This is the only explanation for Trump’s popularity.

Watch the full debate below:

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