Trump’s son’s foundation found PAYING Trump to rent property from HIMSELF

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It appears that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, is a chip off of the ole block. Indeed, the younger Trump finds himself embroiled in a charity scandal, and the elder Trump could not be more pleased with his apparent clone. The potential impropriety with charity funds is just the latest in a string of events which have plagued the Trump family.

A recent investigation has revealed that the “Eric Trump Foundation” has spent almost a cool $1 million on his own family’s golf courses rather than on helping the needy. The scam is a double handed effort. First the Eric Trump Foundation pretends to hold charity events, and then the foundation pays Trump’s family to rent space in their ballrooms. One would think if they ran a charity, and owned a ballroom, they would give the charity the ballroom space for free rather charging themselves for the pleasure of using their own business. However, the charity money has to be spent strategically and cannot simply be funneled directly into Trump’s pockets.

In what should be considered pure propaganda, the Eric Trump Foundation pledges that 95% of all of its donations go to actual charities, which is not even remotely in line with the facts.

A report by The Daily Beast found:

But according to a Daily Beast analysis of annual IRS reports and New York state financial disclosures from the charity’s inception in 2007 to 2014, the most recent year for which data is available, ETF spent $881,779 on its annual Golf Invitational at Trump-owned clubs, a portion of which—$100,000 in 2013 and $88,000 in 2014—was reported as paid directly “to a company of a family member of the Board of Directors.” In other words, Donald Trump himself.

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