ALERT: Trump’s Rally Descends Into Chaos With Supporters Chanting Anti-Semitic Rants [WATCH HERE]

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The candidacy of Republican presidential nominee has been marred in scandal to the point of mental exhaustion by the public. Trump’s campaign has been so dirty that the actions of his despicable supporters are often brushed to the side as a byproduct, rather than a root cause of the problems plaguing America. Trump has encouraged vile rhetoric by spending a year attacking the heritage of every single minority group including women, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, LGBTQ people, the elderly, service members of the military, and anybody else not listed. Trump has degraded them all at one point and time. Trump is the individual who sets the example, he is the one who his followers look towards, and every aspect of his rhetoric says it is perfectly acceptable, if not welcome, to behave as a bigoted idiot. This edict was quite clear during a rally where one of Trump’s despicable supporters was recorded on video chanting a vile slogan degrading an entire religious group.

While Trump stood behind the microphone, arms outstretched, explaining how the American media is “the enemy” who works for “the devil” one of his supporters proudly puffed himself up and began to chant “JEW-S-A”, “JEW-S-A”! It was a horrifying sight, for an individual to proudly and openly disrespect individuals of the Jewish faith.

Watch the vile videos below:

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