Trump’s Hometown Newspaper Mocks Him Mercilessly On Today’s Cover [VIEW HERE]

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Trump’s hometown newspaper The New York Post released their Wednesday cover after Trump put the final nails into his own coffin, declaring war on the entire Republican party. Trump made enemies of the “leadership” Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain.

Via BusinessInsider: The Post’s cover features the Republican presidential nominee sitting on a chair, alone, and holding a Trump-Pence balloon, with the headline “Trump at war with GOP, declares himself a PARTY OF ONE.”

Trump referred to Speaker Ryan as a “weak and ineffective leader” and said that Sen. John McCain had the “filthiest mouth” in the senate. Paul Ryan told congressional members he wouldn’t be spending any more time defending Trump, and that they should do whatever they feel is right. With McCain, the story is different, McCain only supported Trump to receive Trump’s endorsement in order to win his primary, he doesn’t particularly care about it in a statewide election.

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