Trump’s children donated BIG MONEY to Hillary Clinton

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The inner workings of the finances of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump remain a mystery as he refuses to disclose his taxes to the public, which means there is no way to know who he has donated to politically, or how much those donations were. His children, however, are an entirely different story. Through an investigation into the records of Trump’s offspring it would appear they owe political allegiances to no particular party.

From oldest to youngest, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump have donated thousands of dollars to both Republicans and Democrats. The three donated $15,000 to the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012, only to see their money spent on a losing case as Romney was trounced by President Barack Obama. The same can be said for their┬ácombined 2008 donations of $13,800 to then-Republican presidential nominee John McCain who also lost by a wide margin to then Sen. Barack Obama. Eric Trump sat out donating any money to Hillary Clinton, but that didn’t stop Donald Jr and Ivanka from donating $8,800 to several of her campaigns.

Curiously none of the Trump children have nothing to their father’s campaign, not even a symbolic┬ásingle dollar. Perhaps this is to avoid any perception of impropriety, or perhaps it is because that his children to not support his candidacy. Considering Trump’s statements about not being interested in caring for children, “I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kid.” may be one reason why.

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