Trump’s charity is about to be BARRED from business in THIS MANY states

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Ding-dong. Ding-dong. The bell tolls for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his charity The Donald J. Trump Foundation. After New York’s Attorney General issued an order for the Trump Foundation to cease and desist raising money in New York due to the foundation’s felonious business practices, other states are soon to follow suit which spells nothing but trouble for Trump as he enters the home stretch of the race for the White House.

According to findings from journalists at The Daily Beast the ban on fundraising will not be limited to New York as various Attorneys General from around the nation will also be looking into implementing similar sanctions against Trump’s dubious “charity.” Organizations which raise money in America are required to register with 41 states to ask for permission to operate in those states, and it appears Trump may have already broken those rules. This will give legal cover to the various AGs who seek to impede Trump’s practices.

The president of the National Committee of Responsible Philanthropy, Aaron Dorfman, spoke about the possibilities against Trump. He said, “The Trump Foundation would be required to file similar paperwork with the attorneys general of nearly every other state, and they could all take similar action.┬áIt is likely that other states will follow suit and they will be issued cease and desist orders denying them fundraising privileges in other states. That is the most likely next step.”


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