Trump’s candidacy is literally KILLING Fox News and they might go out of business soon!

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The damage done by the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is incalculable at this point, and the true cost of his behavior will not be known, at least partly, until the American people head to the ballot box in November. Even after the voting is over, the long-term damage to the Republican brand itself will likely stay for years or decades to come. The public perception of Republicans, and any candidate who identifies as a Republican, and any brand which endorses and stumps for the Republican party is going to suffer. Such has become evident to the nefarious individuals in charge of the propaganda arm of the Republican party — The Fox News channel. It seems the antics of Donald Trump have surely hurt their bottom line, and the poetic justice is just too sweet and delicious.

A service called the “BrandIndex” survey exists to survey the American people to find out how they rank the popularity of certain businesses, and it does so partly by dividing respondents by their political affiliation. The data from BrandIndex is not good news for the Republican brand in the long view of things. According to their official report:

In 2014, Fox News was the brand 10th best-perceived by Republicans. In 2015, Fox News slipped to No. 15.

What happened in 2016? Fox dropped over 35 placements and they are now ranked below the 50th brand which Republicans trust the most. Which begs the question, if the Republicans don’t trust their own propaganda network any longer, who is it that they trust?



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