Trump’s Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Gets EVISCERATED By Wolf Blitzer When Trying To Defend Trump’s Sexism (WATCH HERE)

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Donald Trump’s long suffering campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, and found herself facing questions about Donald Trump’s sexism that she couldn’t answer.

Conway tried to convey that the Trump campaign is as strong as ever, and that polls aren’t telling the true story. Then Blitzer jumped in and asked about the many accusations of sexual abuse Trump is facing.

Blitzer asked, “Why do you believe that voters should believe Bill Clinton’s accusers, there are several of them, but not Donald Trump’s accusers.”

Speaking of Clinton’s accusers, Conway claimed, “People should be allowed to asses them and Hillary Clinton was not forced to answer that question that was posed to her in that debate last week.”

Conway continued, “These woman got nearly no air time compared to the air time that was given on CNN and other places, Wolf, to the accusers of Donald Trump. It’s simply unfair and unbalanced.”

That is when Blitzer put her on blast. “Let me just point out,” Blitzer said as Conway attempted to talk over him. “I was CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent in 1998, 1999, 2000, when these women, including of course Monica Lewinsky, got tons and tons and tons of air time. You remember those days, I remember those days.”

“We all remember those days, we went through all of those cases, these women who have come forward,” he lectured her. “We gave them a lot of reporting time.”

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