Trump’s campaign denies sexual assault allegations by using letter written by a known serial liar

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The amount of allegations against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for sexual assault are becoming too numerous to keep track. While it is possible that some individuals may have exaggerated or outright fabricated their stories, it is highly unlikely all of the women, who are not connected to one another in any way, whose stories span decades from various parts of the world, are all lying merely to damage Trump’s candidacy. However, one individual says he has proof that one of Trump’s accusers, Jessica Leeds, is lying. The individual in question, though, has their own shady history of not telling the truth.

The story begins in the 1980s when Jessica Leeds claims Trump sexually assaulted her on a flight and that he was “like an octopus” with his hands all over her. However a man named Anthony Gilberthorpe says he was present on that same flight almost 40 years ago. Gilberthorpe says it was Leeds who was aggressively pursuing Trump, and had her hands all over him. What evidence does Gilberthorpe have of his account? A hand written letter which he jotted down for the Trump campaign, and Trump’s campaign is now using Gilberthorpe’s letter as the gospel to prove Trump is innocent.

Gilberthorpe has been in the press previously for claiming, once again without evidence, that he was responsible for supplying children to politicians in the United Kingdom to have sex with. When asked why the public should believe his account Gilberthorpe said he has a “good photographic memory.” Right.

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