Trump’s assault victim is a writer for People Magazine and is telling a DAMNING story

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The allegations of sexual misconduct against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump keep coming. While all disturbing, the account given by People magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff is certainly the most visual as she is a gifted writer that tells a vivid and damning story.

Stoynoff began covering Trump in the early 2000s and claims that Trump once led her to his hotel room, pushed her against a wall, and began attempting to kiss her while saying, “We’re going to have an affair, I’m telling you.”

The next day Stoynoff further alleged attempted to manipulate her with a massage so that he could see her naked:

Earlier in my trip, I had tried to arrange a session at Mar-a-Lago’s spa for my chronic neck problem — the spa was part of a private resort separate from the Trump residence — but they were booked up. Trump had gotten wind of that before the interview and called himself, asking the top massage therapist if he would come in extra early to see me, as a favor to him.

However, Stoynoff was wise to Trump’s games and knew what he was planning:

I lay on the massage table, but my eyes were on the doorknob the entire time. He’s going to show up and the massage therapist is going to let him in with me half-naked on a table. I cut the session short, got dressed and left for the airport.

That Trump attempting to use his power to get the object of his lust in a compromising position goes along with every story that has come out about the faux-billionaire and his despicable tactics. At this point, with so many different women, from different walks of life, over the span of multiple-decades, it would be unreasonable and statistically unlikely for them all to be lying.


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