Trump Tries To Talk Obamacare On Fox News, HUMILIATES Himself When He’s Proven To KNOW NOTHING [WATCH HERE]

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The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been creating an environment of hateful feelings which have been overriding the minds of individuals which typically rely on facts and logic. However, Trump’s act is merely that — a ruse. When pressed to discuss facts about nearly any policy of his, he will respond with a word salad in hopes of distracting and discombobulating those who are curious about specifics of his proposals. This lack of ability to expound upon his rhetoric became abundantly clear when Trump was a guest on Fox News. Trump was asked about Obamacare, which should have been a subject he knows from cover to cover considering how often he mentions it on the campaign trail. Instead, as usual, Trump choked in a humiliating manner.

Trump was asked, “You said that it (Obamacare) is costing jobs withing your business itself. Specifically how?” He responded with an outstanding babble that said absolutely nothing of substance. Are you ready for this? Hold on to your seats. Trump involuntarily regurgitated numerous talking points which have been found to be false. He said:

Well, I don’t use much Obamacare, I must be honest with you, because it is so bad for the people and they can’t afford it. And like, for instance, I’m at Trump National Doral in Miami, and we don’t even use Obamacare. We don’t want it. The people don’t want it, and I spend more money on health coverage, but we don’t use it. So you know, when they interviewed those people, they’re happy with their health coverage and that’s because they work for me.

Did Trump ever answer the question as to how Obamacare is costing his business jobs? No. However, if one were a misinformed fool who didn’t understand Obamacare has saved billions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of lives, they might actually believe Trump’s lies. That is what he is counting upon and why he must be stopped.

Watch all of Trump’s ignorance below:

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