Trump Surrogate Gets DEMOLISHED On LIVE TV After Defending Donald Trump’s Racism [WATCH HERE]

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One cannot win the presidency of the United States if they do not have the support of citizens other than those who are white. In fact white people are set to become the minority in America in a few short years, which is apparently a fact Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump missed in his calculations before he embarked on a year-long crusade of alienating minorities. This is shown in Trump’s abysmal polling amongst black Americans, with almost 0% support. With the election barely two weeks away trump has been attempting to repair his image with minorities, with little ground being gained.

During a speech Trump indicated his plans to “help” the black community. He said:

We’re going to work on our ghettos. You take a look at what’s going on where you have pockets, areas, of land where you have the inner cities, where you have so many things, so many problems, so many horrible, horrible problems.

CNN Host Don Lemon pointed out how Trump’s words will actually hurt him. A Trump surrogate came to his defense about the tone deafness of which Lemon accused:

People don’t use the word ‘ghetto,’ or the word ‘n***o.’ It’s about being polite and understanding where the discussion has gone and on policy, right? He gave a speech yesterday where he talked about his New Deal for black America, which I don’t think fully resonates with the black electorate, but was an earnest attempt but wound up stepping on that message and not being able to drive that home.

An earnest attempt? you be the judge and watch the full exchange below:

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