Trump Spokeswoman Is HUMILIATED After She Is Caught LYING On LIVE TV! [WATCH HERE]

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The mention contortions one must bend themselves in to defend the actions, statements, and history of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are only for the most skilled spinsters, or dedicated idiots which is entirely depending upon perspective. A trump surrogate took to CNN to explain why Trump is not actually a cartoon villain, but the panel could not help themselves from laughing in her face.

Katrina Pierson was asked by CNN host Erica Hill who asked, “Would it not be more effective to go after the policies she said are oppressive? To go after the things that the Trump campaign would like to point out in their eyes are not working on Hillary Clinton’s side, as opposed to name calling?”

Unable to tell the truth, Pierson did her best con-job to explain why Trump isn’t lying when he is lying:

Well, I think Donald Trump does both. And he makes his point when he says things like this. The people know what he’s saying, and he does talk about failed policies. In the last few speeches he’s given, he’s outlined those failed policies that have hurt communities.


When Pierson was asked about Trump’s shifting positions on immigration, she said he hasn’t changed his position at all — just the words he has used. What? How does that even logically follow? She said:

He hasn’t changed his position. He has changed the word he is saying.

After this whopper was presented the individuals on the show did their very best not to burst into laughter, but Amanda Carpenter could not hold back her cackle. She was merely doing what everyone else wanted to do, which seems to be a favorite amongst the Trump campaign. Pierson did not convince any person watching her boss is not a flip-flopping liar, but she did humiliate herself so perhaps the exercise was not a total loss.

Watch the embarrassment below:

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