Trump said N-word on video, according to former Trump TV producer

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The ground which Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign’s foundation is built has been shaking and cracking after a secret recording of Trump was released where he bragged about sexually assaulting women in 2005. Trump also bragged about attempting to have sex with married women, and that he was willing to cheat on his wife. Now, if that wasn’t bad enough — and many consider the audio to be the worst thing ever revealed in a presidential campaign — now word has begun to spread about the possibility of video existing which shows Trump using racially insensitive language including using the N-word numerous times.

The shocking revelation, which if true will certainly end Trump’s campaign, came from Emmy Award-winning producer Chris Nee who Tweeted:

The $5 million fee is built into the contract of any person who works with producer Mark Burnett. Burnett, as it happens, is a Trump supporter and will not allow the footage to come to the public’s eye without a serious fight.

One consideration may be Mark Cuban, an actual billionaire, who could offer to pay a bounty for the footage. A $5 million cost would be a small price to pay for Cuban to ruin Trump. The two have been feuding for years, and Cuban once asked about Trump, “Could there be any bigger jagoff in the world?”

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