Trump LOST in court, ordered to pay damages to small business he SCAMMED

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made a career out of scamming everyone around him, but there has been a small victory in a Miami-Dade County courtroom when a judge ordered Trump’s company to pay a small family business for services they rendered.

At issue was a contract between Trump’s “National Doral Miami” golf resort and “The Paint Spot.” The golf resort entered into a contract with “The Paint Spot” to renovate a home on the golf course, and the resort promised to pay $200,000. Instead the golf resort only paid $34,863 and said they “paid enough” and were not going to pay any further funds to fulfill the contract. However “The Paint Spot” had a lien placed on the home to satisfy the debt, which ultimatley resulted in Judge Jorge Cueto ordering the dwelling be sold with the proceeds to be given to the small family painting business.

However, Trump’s company is fighting the ruling and they have placed $34,000 in escrow to satisfy the minimum requirement of the ruling while they appeal the decision. The court case has been working its way through the system for years, and the attorney fees for “The Paint Spot” have reached $300,000, which they are also seeking to be recompensed by Trump.

Now that Trump has refused to pay the money owed, they will now owe 150% more money than they did originally. There is not an argument Trump’s company will be able to make to change the judge’s mind, but Trump is a small petty man and is likely willing to drag the case out for several more years for no reason other than to be spiteful.

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