Trump Just Put 3,000 People Out Of Work After Declaring Bankruptcy on HUGE Casino

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The humiliating of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to mount as his former flagship casino in Atlantic City, the Trump Taj Mahal, is closing its doors forever this coming Monday on October 9th. When the casino finally closes its doors it will leave thousands of workers out in the cold and unemployed.

Workers have been striking outside the casino since its closing was announced back in August, but that hasn’t stopped customers from continuing to patronize the establishment.

The CEO and president of Tropicana Entertainment, Tony Rodio, which is the parent company of Trump Taj Mahal, said, “Currently the Taj is losing multi-millions a month, and now with this strike, we see no path to profitability. Our directors cannot just allow the Taj to continue burning through tens of millions of dollars when the union has single-handedly blocked any path to profitability. Unfortunately we’ve reached the point where we will have to close the Taj.”

Due to the mismanagement of the casino, of which Trump was a 10% owner before he was forced to give away his ownership under a bankruptcy agreement to which he still pocketed millions of dollars in profit, nearly 3,000 workers will no longer have employment. The despicable nature of Trump’s parasitic business practices should disgust all Americans. Trump has promised to be “the greatest jobs president that God has ever created.” However, the record shows Trump has done nothing but destroy lives and lose jobs. None of this matters to him as long as he is making money, while he sends his employees of the past, present, and future to a live of destitution.

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