Trump Just HUMILIATED By TOP Military Leaders, Proof He Is UNFIT For The Presidency [DETAILS]

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Those lining up to stand against the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are numerous. However, Trump boasts that while many are against him he has the support of major U.S. military leaders. That talking point by Trump has been stunted after a scathing letter signed by over 50 former military leaders denounced Trump based on his vile rhetoric towards women.

The letter, which was originally published by The Wall Street Journal, in part, said:

Our commander-in-chief sets the tone for what is acceptable for our nation. Last Friday, a video surfaced in which Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump made extremely disturbing statements about women. In a private conversation, he boasted of engaging in acts constituting sexual assault, violence, and aggression against women, and doing so from a position of power.

In this tape, he not only denigrated women—he dehumanized them, referring to one woman as “it” and reducing the women discussed to body parts to be objectified. This behavior renders him utterly unworthy of being commander-in-chief and president. If given such power, Donald Trump would create a command climate intolerant of women and incompatible with a trained, ready, and honorable military. Mr. Trump owes all women a meaningful apology. Those political leaders who continue to support him should disavow their support immediately. If they do not, they will face the judgment of Americans. And if they do not condemn this egregious behavior, they will have reset the standard for leadership at an unacceptably low level.

The military members were correct to note how low the levels of standards have been set during the presidential season. The American people have been treated to a Republican party which hates women, gays, immigrants, and all religions beyond that of Christians. They worried about transgender bathrooms, but continue to stand by their nominee who bragged about sexually assaulting women. Nothing could be more despicable than Trump, and the American people are lucky to have so many former military leaders willing to speak out about his disgusting, vile, and ultimately dangerous behavior.

The letter closed perfectly:

As retired military professionals, we condemn Donald Trump in the strongest terms. We call for all those who have endorsed him to renounce their support, and remind them: history is watching.

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