BREAKING: Early Votes Are In – And There Is A Clear Winner! [STATS]

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The race is tightening in the home stretch in the epic battle between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Clinton had opened a wide lead against Trump after numerous stories were populated that showed Trump had allegedly sexually assaulted a dozen women, along with the despicable recording of him bragging about getting away with grabbing women “by the pus*y.” Had the American people voted then, Clinton would have won. That didn’t happen and instead the Clinton campaign received an “October Surprise” from the FBI where the director, James Money, announced the bureau would be looking further into Clinton’s emails that were discovered on a device used by disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, and his wife Huma Abedin. This caused Clinton’s lead to shrink down to a paltry margin, which now has her campaign worried Trump might snatch victory away from them.

Some polls, like those at ABC News, have Trump losing to Clinton by only a single point. There is a 3 point margin of error, so that means Trump might actually be winning! However, that last poll had Clinton winning by 12 points! Why the discrepancy? There are other polls to consider as well. The Huffington Post Polster model showed Clinton was leading by 7 points.

Now all of this matters very little when one considers the election is not national, but statewide, and that every state will total their individual ballots. Therefore, nationwide polls are a bit of a distraction. The real reality is knowing experts have compiled Trump’s chances of winning toss-up states, and they give him a near 0% chance to accomplish the task. That should make the world rest easy.


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