Trump HUMILIATED as TWO NEW pornography VIDEOS surface

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The embarrassment for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not nearly close to its conclusion after Trump attempted to shame a former model in his “Miss Universe” pageant for acting in a pornography film. Previously it was discovered, after Trump made his comments, that Trump himself had appeared in a soft-core adult film produced by Playboy Magazine. This was an entirely self-inflicted wound to Trump, as the video had never been previously brought to light as there was no reason to do so. Now, however, an avalanche of other Playboy Magazine pornography films where Trump appeared are now surfacing, causing the further derailment of the Trump campaign while highlighting his hypocrisy.

A special report by CNN’s K-File revealed two more pornography videos, one from 1994 and another from 2001. During the 1994 video Trump takes it upon himself to interview models for a spot on the prestigious Playboy model roster as the “40th-anniversary Playmate.”

In the 2001 video, Trump’s wife, Malania, also made an appearance. The soft-core pornography video shows Trump at a fashion show, where he is backstage mingling with two models including Trump’s now wife who was then known as Malania Knauss.

While none of Trump’s porno appearances featured nudity, that isn’t the point. The point is Trumped shamed a woman for appearing in a video while Trump himself also appeared in videos. The blatant hypocrisy Trump having two sets of standards, one for himself and one for everyone else, should concern all Americans who are considering voting for him.

Watch the CNN segment below:


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