Trump Hotels HEMORRHAGING Money, Company Makes SHOCKING Announcement That HUMILIATES Trump

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With the presidential race drawing to a close the true cost of what will become of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s businesses, and brand, are becoming more apparent. It seems Trump recognizes his name has become toxic and his business is moving forward with plans to ensure the Trump name is no longer used on any new buildings which would have typically been branded as “Trump.”

The CEO of Trump Hotels, Eric Danzinger, made the bombshell announcement of the Trump brand distancing itself from the Trump name. It is rather bizarre, but nothing has been ordinary since Trump stepped into the political arena. Danzinger said, “We wanted a name that would be a nod to the Trump family and to the tremendous success it has had with its businesses, including Trump Hotels, while allowing for a clear distinction between our luxury and lifestyle brands.” What will Trump’s new brand be called? “Scion.”

After Trump’s new hotel opened in Washington, D.C. the management was offered steep discounts to attempt to make the opening appear as a success. However, the occupancy rates at other hotels told the real story as they were charging more money and had more rooms booked. Could this because travellers find Trump so repugnant that they’d rather spend more money than to give Trump a dime of their cash? For the time being, that is how it appears.

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