Trump Goes On Insane Twitter Rant After Sex Tape Leaks, Completely Oblivious To Reality

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Several days ago an audio tape was released by The Washington Post which included Trump talking about sex with married woman, and how women let him grope them because he’s famous. On Thursday it wasn’t clear just how big the story would become. After the tape marinated across all of the media networks Republican leadership pulled their endorsements of Trump – 54 congressman, senators, and governors from the Republican party no longer support him. That list includes John McCain as of Saturday.

Trump put out an 80 second apology video included at the bottom of this article. It contains 10 seconds of a half-apology and the other 70 seconds are primarily an attack on the Clinton’s.

Rumors were then confirmed by CNN that Trump’s VP pick Gov. Mike Pence wants off the ticket. Simultaneously all of Trump’s surrogates excluding Rudy Guiliani canceled their scheduled appearances on the Sunday talk shows. This, blended with the fact that the Republican National Committee has halted Trump’s advertising spend has left Trump extremely unhappy.

Trump took to Twitter this morning to express his discontent.

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