Trump comes unhinged on Twitter, attacks Republican leadership with INSANE ramblings

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It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy, according to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The Republican party has been fleeing Trump’s camp after word broke of an absolutely horrendous audio recording surfaced from 2005 where Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women. Due to Trump’s words Republican leadership, including Paul Ryan and John McCain, have both disavowed his candidacy. In response Trump has promised retribution.

Trump Tweeted:

Considering the unhinged nature of Trump’s campaign it is difficult to conceive what it means if Trump will now behaving in a way that is unshackled. Perhaps he meant he would publicly attack his fellow Republicans. Paul Ryan has been doing his best to distance himself from Trump, and The Donald certainly noticed:

The foolish failed businessman went on to attack John McCain because McCain pulled his support from Trump:

Through Trump’s word and deed he has caused more damage to the Republican party than anything Democrats could have conceived. The open revolt by the party leadership to disavow Trump, and Trump’s defiance to not give in to their demands, is certainly something the American people would not have expected. However, Trump is here to stay and has vowed to see his candidacy through to the election and there is nothing the Republican party can do to stop him.

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