Top Trump Law Enforcement Support Sheriff Joe Gets Life Altering News – He’s Facing Jail Time!

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a top Trump law enforcement support and has been pushing the Obama birther theory even harder than Trump. Arpaio has been the subject of extreme scrutiny after encouraging his officers to racially profile people in his districts in an effort to capture more immigrants. Those tactics have rightly been called racist.

Via AZCentral: Arpaio has not yet officially been charged. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton asked the federal government to write an order to show cause, by Wednesday, for her to sign. That will serve as a charging document for the case to go forward against Arpaio only. […]

DOJ attorney John Keller said the government will continue to investigate additional allegations of Arpaio and three aides for concealing evidence — and therefore obstruction of justice — but will not proceed with the prosecution at this time, because they believe the statute of limitations has run out.

Bolton is not sure, and asked for a pause on the statute-of-limitations clock for all sides to discuss that issue.

Via DailyKos: Arpaio faces a strong challenge this Election Day from former Phoenix police sergeant Paul Penzone, and while federal charges brought by the Obama administration may rally Arpaio’s base, it’s unlikely to help beyond that.

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