Top Republicans Verify Insane Debate Moment: If Trump Becomes President They Will Put Hillary In Jail

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The ugliest debate in Presidential History started with a refusal between Hillary and Donald to shake hands and within an hour Trump announced if President he would send prosecutors after Hillary over the email “scandal”.

Hillary matter of factly said it was a good thing that Trump isn’t in charge of law and order in the country – to which Trump replied “Because you’d be in jail” later saying that if he were the President he would “instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.”

Via TalkingPointsMemo: In the spin room after the debate, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), one of Trump’s earliest supporters who also sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has oversight over the federal judicial system, seemed a little thrown off, at first, by TPM’s question whether that was an appropriate use of the political system.

Sen. Jeff Sessions “Well, I like that he said a special prosecutor, and so, I, uh, think one might be justified, we will have to see about that, I haven’t studied it,” Sessions said. “But he didn’t say that he was going to direct a prosecutor to bring charges. He just said a special prosecutor to investigate, and that would be an independent prosecutor to investigate, and that would be an independent prosecutor in the special prosecutor system, not one picked by the president.”

Sen. Claire McCaskill a Democrat said “The notion that he would stand up there and say, ‘I am going to prosecute Hillary Clinton and you belong in jail,’ it’s irresponsible and it’s insulting to the FBI,”

The most epic and true comments came from Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who rightly points out that Trump’s statements bare more resemblance to the happenings of a 3rd world country.

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