FINALLY! Tomi Lahren Is EXPOSED By Conservative Journalist For Her Hateful Rhetoric [WATCH HERE]

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The world received a rare treat in watching two conservatives attack one another when extreme right-wing media darling Tomi Lahren was confronted by Ben Howe on her program which is hosted on Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” network. Lahren invited Howe on her program to interrogate him about his refusal to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s candidacy, but she bit off more than she could chew and ended up looking like the dressed-up fool which any rational person knows her to be.

Lahren asked Howe, who writes for the conservative blog “Red State”, why he is not supporting Trump. Howe’s answer blew her out of the water:

I think that he’s an unstable person. I think they’re both corrupt, but I think that he’s unstable. I don’t trust him. And I don’t know if you who John Noonan is — he used to be… he was a key turner for nuclear weapons — and even he was concerned about the way that Donald Trump was approaching nuclear-first policies. Specifically because, even as a candidate, he’s sending messages to nuclear powers all over the world that are very dangerous.

Howe found himself with a crisis of conscience, as he lamented that Lahren was enabling racists with her divisive rhetoric that pushed “hyper-partisan politics”, while simultaneously admitting that he had also played into that behavior previously:

What I learned from pushing hyper-partisan politics is what you do is, you create a class of people who are outraged. And sometimes that outrage can do good things, but sometimes it does destructive things. And right now, we are reaping the rewards of years of hyper-partisan politics.

The two opposing forces crystallize the example of the schism which as impacted the Republican party. While some are merely cheap bastards who don’t want to help the poor, others have a more racially driven agenda. In either case, those with a moral compass should not support Republicans, but it is nice to see that some within the conservative sphere recognize their party’s own hypocrisy.

Watch the full interaction below:

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