Seth Meyers Spits On Trump’s Face, Compares His Rallies To The Maurie Povich Show

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Late Nights Seth Meyers examined the Vice Presidential Debate and Trump’s disastrous week. Meyers was amazed that Trump has spent so much time whining about things that are hurtful to him, the controversy surrounding calling Miss Universe Miss Piggy, claiming to have a defective microphone, etc. Trump could have let these things slide, instead he’s gone on “angry unhinged tangents”.

According to a report Meyers cited, it took Trump 25 minutes to get through a 9 sentence statement. He literally can’t help himself from pushing Hillary health conspiracies and lashing out at his enemies.

Meyers pointed out that Trump said of Hillary “I don’t think that she’s loyal to Bill if you want to know the truth” to which Meyers said “Trump rallies have become episodes of the Maurie Povich Show”

Mayor Guilliani claims that it’s fair for Trump to question Hillary’s marital loyalty to Bill because Hillary has attacked him personally. To which CNN’s Jake Tapper lashed out that it was indefensible what Trump said, so how could Rudy have a defense. Rudy, injured, replied “Well, that’s your opinion”.

Meyers was quick to point out that “Well that’s your opinion man” is a Big Lebowski line, which is what the Trump campaign has been reduced to, quoting Lebowski. Although the better quote from the movie would be “F*ck off Donnie!”

Meyers: “Okay, first of all, you didn’t use them […] You hired lawyers and accountants to use them. I can’t see Trump up all night wearing a green visor and crunching numbers on a calculator. Also, his argument doesn’t make any sense because these weren’t business taxes, they were his personal income taxes.”

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