Seth Meyers Humiliates Trump’s VP Mike Pence, Ridicules His Amnesia

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Mike Pence has been perceived to be the “winner” of the Vice Presidential Debate Tuesday, but the strategy that he used is somewhat jarring. Pence completely denied that Trump said any of the things he has, about Mexicans, about Muslims, about anything. The real winner of the debate was Mike Pence’s Presidential Bid in 2020, Pence seemed to forget that he was running to be Trump’s Vice-President and instead tried to come across as a stoic Conservative smooth talker pitching himself to the American public.

Seth Meyers found all of this hilarious. Via TheDailyBeast:
The Late Night host spent some time mocking Tim Kaine’s “terrible zingers,” but said Pence’s “absurd insistence that it was actually Hillary Clinton’s campaign and not Donald Trump’s that consisted primarily of insults” was even worse. “Have you heard your running mate?” Meyers asked Pence. “Donald Trump drops so many insults it’s like Don Rickles and Triumph had a baby who had a Twitter account.”

Meyers was keen to point out that Mike Pence lives in an alternative universe: “His strategy for deflecting criticism of Trump’s most controversial comments was just to flat-out deny that they’d ever come out of Trump’s mouth in the first place”.

Meyer also went after Trump last night — and the night before. Both of them were BRUTAL.

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