Sen. Ted Cruz Throws Trump Under The Bus After Hearing That Trump’s VP Is Off Campaign

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Just an hour ago Mike Pence pulled his campaign schedule off of the Official Trump campaign website, leaving Trump completely lost. Trump is reeling from an audio tape originally recorded in 2005 released by Hillary Clinton’s campaign through the Washington Post yesterday which contains him talking about having sex with married women and joking about how women let him grope them because he’s famous.
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Sen. John McCain, Sen. Thune (#3 Republican) have abandoned Trump, they join dozens of other Senators and Congressman who have publicly said they no longer endorse Trump, calling for him to drop out of the race.

Sen. Ted Cruz just reluctantly endorsed Trump 2 weeks ago, saying that supreme court picks made by Donald Trump are too important to pass up. Now, he too has abandoned Trump. This just hours after Trump’s VP Mike Pence canceled his scheduled and removed himself from Trump’s website, no longer on the campaign trail. Screenshot below from Trump’s website.

Via TheHill: Trump earned a hard-fought endorsement from Cruz about two weeks ago. The Texas senator said the Supreme Court and other policy issues superseded his own personal disagreements with Trump.

In the wake of leaked audio of Trump’s lewd comments about women, Cruz tweeted Friday that the remarks were “disturbing and inappropriate.”

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